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Business information

Decorema.se is a Swedish company owned and operated by Decorema, organization number 8403317855 (SE840331785501 Bjorn Bonnevier).

Office address: Polygonvägen 61, 187 66 Täby.

Registered company address: Svartviksslingan 35, 167 38 Bromma.


These terms of purchase are applicable where Swedish or other applicable law does not prescribe terms that are in conflict with these. For private consumers, the Consumer Purchase Act and the Distance Contracts Act apply, which also includes protection for Decorema as a company.

For our corporate customers, the Purchase Act applies.

More information on this can be found on the Swedish Consumer Agency’s website, www.kov.se.


When you have registered an order with Decorema and Decorema has accepted the order, an agreement is made between you and Decorema. Order confirmation is sent to the e-mail address you registered when ordering. In cases where the customer is under 18 years of age, the guardian’s permission must be obtained before the purchase is completed. Orders placed in another person’s name without their consent, or in any other way that causes Decorema to suffer financial damage, are reported to the police. Personal data is handled in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, read more under our privacy policy.

Decorema reserves the right to change any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offerings, without prior notice. In the event of a final sale at the stated price, due to an expiration of an item for sale, or due to an incorrect price, Decorema has the right to cancel the purchase and refund any amounts paid in the best way. Decorema shall also notify the customer if a replacement or equivalent sales item is available.


25% VAT is included in all prices. Our payments are handled by a number of different payment solutions such as Klarna, NETS, Rapyd, Google Pay, Apple Wallet and more. You easily choose payment options at checkout. There are no fees for any payment method. As a customer, you can pay by card, direct payment and against invoice, and as a private customer, payment can also be made in installments. Payment period for invoice is 14 days and from the date when the goods are sent from Decorema. If payment is not made, a reminder fee of SEK 60.00 and default interest of 25.5% will be added. If you have not shopped with Klarna before, a micro-information will be made at the time of purchase so that we can check your creditworthiness. Klarna meets the requirements for PCI DSS and holds SSL certificates.


Orders are processed and delivered as quickly as possible by Decorema. Usually all orders are shipped within 24 hours. In cases where the customer considers that delivery is delayed in such a way that he no longer wishes delivery of the order, it is the customer’s responsibility that the order is canceled in accordance with Decorema’s purchase terms. We offer corporate customers’ orders with company-adapted delivery methods.

Decorema always offers free shipping on all orders regardless of price. All orders for Decorema are sent with DHL Express with delivery directly to your door or specified delivery address.

At Decorema, we also offer delivery worldwide. For deliveries outside Sweden, the delivery time may be slightly longer depending on the country and area. We offer all customers to shop with free shipping regardless of where you live or in which country.

Unredeemed packages

For shipments that are not redeemed, whereupon the package is returned to Decorema, a fee of SEK 199 is charged for Decorema’s costs in connection with both return handling and shipping. In the event of repeated attempts to deliver packages to the customer, the fee will be charged once per unredeemed consignment.

Right of withdrawal

As a private customer, you have the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement without stating any reason within 30 days in accordance with the Distance Contracts Act. The withdrawal period expires 30 days after the day when you received the last item or part of your order. If the withdrawal period expires on a Saturday or public holiday, the deadline is extended to the next working day.

Return & open purchase

As a private customer, you have the right to an open purchase and a full right of return within a full 30 days. Upon return, you as a customer are responsible for the return shipping and the product must be unused and in unchanged condition, have all manuals (if any) and original carton / pallet left. We reserve the right to make a reduction in value corresponding to the product’s possibly changed condition upon receipt with us. If the product has lost its intended function due to incorrect use, no refund will be made. For a full refund, the product must be able to be sold as new and the product and its original packaging must be returned in substantially unchanged condition. If the customer wants to exercise their right of return, this is done via our contact form on Decorema.se. Return shipping is paid for by the customer. The customer is responsible for the product in the event of return transport. If the product disappears during the return transport or is damaged during it, the customer is responsible for this and Decorema has the right to refuse a refund. In case of refund, the money will be paid within 14 days from the day Decorema received the notice. However, the customer may have to wait until the product has returned or until the customer has provided proof that the product has been returned. In case of questions, the customer can contact Decorema’s customer service via a contact form. The right of withdrawal does not apply to corporate customers.


It is recommended from us that the customer checks the delivery on arrival to verify that it is correct and error-free. In the event of a complaint, the customer must contact Decorema’s customer service via the contact form, and state the order number and reason for the complaint. An agreement is then reached on how any return and compensation will be handled. In the event of an approved complaint, Decorema pays for the shipping. The customer has a 3-year right to make a complaint. Complaints about damages that have occurred in the transport (transport damages) must be reported to our customer service within no more than 5 working days.


We offer a 24 month full warranty on all our products.


The customer has the right to cancel the order until the customer has received the product or arrived at a representative. However, Decorema may charge a reasonable fee for this. If cancellation takes place after the item has left our warehouse, a fee of SEK 199 is required. The cancellation is not valid until the customer has received confirmation from Decorema.

Retention of title

All goods remain the property of Decorema until full payment has been made.

Liability for errors

Decorema’s liability for defects in delivery is limited to the applicable terms of sale. Decorema bears no direct or indirect responsibility for, for example, but not limited to, incompatibility, outages, data loss, additional work or other financial damage.

Force majeure

Events such as war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery of subcontractors, costly circumstances and similar events beyond Decorema’s control, which could not be reasonably foreseen, are to be attributed to force majeure, which means that Decorema is released from its obligations to fulfill obligations agreement.


Consumer: Disputes in connection with this agreement are tried by the Stockholm District Court as the first instance. Swedish law must be applied.

Corporate customer: Disputes in connection with this agreement shall be finally settled by arbitration administered by the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration Institute (”SCC”). If the value of the subject-matter of the dispute does not exceed one hundred times the basic amount applicable at the time of the call for arbitration in accordance with the Act (1962: 381) on general insurance (the “Amount Limit”), SCC’s Rules for Simplified Arbitration shall apply. If the value of the subject matter of the dispute exceeds the Amount Limit, Arbitration Rules for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration Institute shall be applied. If the value of the subject matter of the dispute amounts to an amount between the Amount Limit and SEK 10,000,000, the arbitral tribunal shall consist of an arbitrator. If the value of the subject matter of the dispute exceeds SEK 10,000,000, the arbitral tribunal shall consist of three arbitrators. The value of the subject-matter of the dispute includes the plaintiff’s claim in the summons and any counterclaims in the defendant’s statement on the summons. Swedish law must be applied. The seat of the arbitration shall be Stockholm.

Decorema always follows the General Complaints Board’s recommendations.

Please contact Decorema’s customer service for any questions regarding our terms of purchase.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]



Polygonvägen 61, 18766 Täby, Sweden

Phone number:




Opening hours:

Monday – Friday at 9.00 – 17.00

Find us at:

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